Michael Ramirez, PhD

Michael Ramirez, PhD

Michael is a thinker, writer and editor of published book-length translations, digital media localization projects, multiple articles, book reviews and more.  He is presently working with a Fortune 50 company where he uses his communication skills in recruiting, coaching, and guiding people in new entrepreneurial endeavors.  His translations have been reviewed in The Japan Times as well as on national Japanese television.


Book Length Translations

Digital Media Localization Work

  • DoggyDoc (Localization Head, English, Japanese.  Mobile Application, iPhone, Android, 2014)
  • Style Savvy (Team Translator.  Nintendo DS Game, 2009)

Book Reviews


  • “An Examination of Dazai Osamu’s Attitude toward Readers in his Essay ‘Thus Have I Heard,’” in Studies in Japanese Language (peer reviewed)
  •  “Hope for Henguchi Yoshinori and Myself in ‘Lizard Telepathy Fox Telepathy’” in Gunkei (“The Formation”), Vol. 31, Jul 2013, pp.188-189.
  • “An Interview with Chin Music Press President, Bruce Rutledge,” in Gunkei (“The Formation”), Vol. 24, December 2009, pp. 26-32. English, June 2010, online: http://chinmusicpress.com/landing/?p=778.
  • “An Interview with Henkuchi Yoshinori,” in Gunkei (“The Formation”), Vol. 22, December 2008, pp. 85-93.
  • “The Construction of Narcissistic Saints in Dazai Osamu Literature,” in Gunkei (“The Formation”), Vol. 21, Jul 2008, pp.53-59.
  • “On Raymond Carver’s ‘The Pheasant’” and “On J.D. Salinger’s ‘A Perfect Day for Banana Fish,’” in Kokubungaku, extra edition, Vol. 52, n. 13, October 2007, pp.48-51; 75-77.
  • “American Literature: Many Faces in the New World, A Completely Personal Literary Genealogy,” in Gunkei (“The Formation”), Vol. 19, December 2006, pp.123-32.
  • “The Situation of the Reader in Dazai Osamu Literature: On ‘Que Cards at Random’ and ‘Leaves,’” in Gunkei (“The Formation”), Vol. 19, December 2006, pp.44-60.
  • “Translation and Illusion,” in The Newsletter of the Literary Association Gunkei (“The Formation”)n. 5, December 2005.


  • Poetry Collection: Time Without Fear